5 good reasons to visit the Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat

Ok, you have already chosen the Amalfi Coast as the destination of your next holidays. Now stop for a moment and imagine: why don’t you turn it into an experience 100% by sea, aboard a splendid boat sailing for unforgettable days in the company of family or friends? 

The Amalfi Coast will do all the rest: transform your holiday into a fairy tale, in which all the elements blend perfectly to make you live an experience of absolute well-being and relaxation between sea, mountains, breathtaking landscapes and a typical cuisine that is unrivalled in the world. 

This is just a preview, but to make you even more enticed, we will show you the 5 main reasons why you absolutely cannot help but organize a sailing holiday to discover the Amalfi Coast.

Because there is no traffic by sea

One of the main problems faced by those who want to travel to the Amalfi Coast by car, especially during the summer, is the intense traffic, together with a certain difficulty in finding parking. Well, experiencing the Amalfi Coast from the sea aboard a sailboat will save you this problem, allowing you to enjoy the best that this land has to offer without stress and anxiety of any kind.

Because you won’t find a place like this anywhere else

“Like the Amalfi Coast, you are wildly curling beautiful” the Hooverphonic sing in their famous song “Amalfi”, and how can you blame them? Amalfi Coast has an unrepeatable, meaningless, indomitable, elusive, wild beauty, impossible to grasp in one hand. Let’s play a game: we challenge you to find, in the world, another place like this, which blends so many elements that stimulate all 5 senses together. High and steep mountains, overlooking the sea, small characteristic villages, a explosion of a thousand colors, perfumes, chromatic, olfactory and gustatory harmonies, all together, all in a single enchantment. Found? We doubt it!

Because it’s nice to feel like a VIP now and then

There is a reason why some of the most prominent personalities of the show and the international jet set choose the Amalfi Coast as their favorite destination for their holidays. Bono Vox of U2, Anastacia, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, James Pallotta and many, many other VIPs are regulars of these pleasant places … and who knows that you may not have the opportunity to meet some of them, perhaps during a dinner in a typical restaurant or in the cove where you will have dived for a pleasant bath!

Because the food here is divine

The gastronomic delights undoubtedly represent one of the peculiar reasons for a dream holiday on the Amalfi Coast: thanks to the nature of the place, which magically combines mountain and sea, you will have the opportunity to taste the typical delights of Campania in the most fashionable restaurants. Some of the typical dishes that you can taste in these parts: the famous anchovies of Cetara, and their colatura; spaghetti alla Nerano; dairy products from Agerola; Maiori chocolate aubergines; tagliolini with Amalfi lemon … do we add more?

Because there is so much to see

Finally, it will seem obvious to say it, but there is not a single place on the Amalfi Coast that is not worth a visit. From Positano to Amalfi, passing through Ravello with its breathtaking views, Vietri sul Mare and the towns of Maiori and Minori, this is truly a land blessed by the gods, an enchanting place in which, we are sure, you will spend a holiday that you will remember for ever.

If we have been convincing enough with this article, then we just have to invite you to discover our tours, in the hope that you can find the right starting point to organize your next sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast.