About Us

Sail And Experience was born from Claudia’s passion for the sea and Sergio’s passion for boats: an alchemy that made them special, among the first to launch a holiday format that combines a sailing experience with different activities: archaeological tours, enogastronomic tourism and sports, in perfect balance between sea and mainland.

Sergio Imperatore

[Base manager of Sail And Experience]

Sergio has been sailing since he was a child, and he loves the fishermen’s saying: “Once you get wet with sea water, you don’t dry out anymore”. Growing up, his passion became his job, among specialization courses and regattas (including oceanic ones) that gave him great experience in sailing techniques.

Qualified in the management of pleasure boats used for rental and profound connoisseur of Campania, he has a deep knowledge of every aspect of the technical management of boats: from the preparation to the stipulation of contracts, from relations with shipowners to the resolution of technical problems.

Claudia Ibba

[Ceo of Sail And Experience]

With her ability to anticipate customer needs and her careful eye on every nuance, Claudia is the creative soul of Sail And Experience and has boundless love for the sea! Organizing holidays that include very different experiences requires special skills: balancing schedules, stop-overs, reservations for restaurants, museums or equipment in the best possible way is truly an art in which Claudia excels!

Together with Sergio, Claudia manages the reservations, monitors the development of the holidays (with an always active line available to travelling customers) and takes care of finishing each cruise with details that make it unique, tailored to each customer.