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This accommodation is suitable for a family with children up to 3 couples. The 3 available cabins ,one on the bow and two twins on the stern allow all crewmembers to enjoy their privacy. The skipper can comfortably stay in the dinette (the central part of the boat). The two available bathrooms can be used by allocating one to men and the other one to women.
All of them allow you to have plenty of space to enjoy the sun and great sail performance, without forgetting safety. Good water and fuel reserve capacities.

Choose a Sail and Experience Boat and sail off from Naples to discover the Gulf of Naples, The Amalfi Coast, The Pontine Islands


The proposed solution is suitable for a crew of at least 6 people. In fact, this kind of boat category presents 4 cabins, of which 3 double (one in the bow and two twins in the stern) plus a cabin with bunk beds. This last cabin is perfect for a variety of uses: it can be used by the skipper so as to leave the dinette (central part of the boat), or to be used to hold luggage; finally it is a comfortable accommodation if the group consists of 8 people. Bathrooms in general 2 (in some models it is possible to have a third room with only the shower tray) complete the interior facilities of this category.
Comfort, safety and exciting sailing performance are assured!


Numerous crew? Then this is the right choice for you! The flagship of our fleet has 5 cabins, including 3 double cabins and 2 bunk beds cabins. You can also have 3 bathrooms, 2 in the stern and 1 in the bow. The spacious dinette can accommodate the entire crew; in fact the table, if necessary, becomes a double bed and brings the number of seats up to 12. The kitchen is complete with stoves, two ovens, a fridge and an icebox.
The boat with its 15.5 meters has an exquisite outdoor deck with complete outboard cushions in both the cockpit and the deck at the bow. All the crew, even if numerous, will find space on board, whether it wants to stretch out to the sun after a nice swim, whether they want to stay in the shade of the Bimini maybe after lunch for a nice sleep.


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For a crew of 8 people who do not want to give up their comfort and privacy, the catamaran is the ideal solution. The boats in this category have 4 double cabins (2 twins in the bow and 2 twin beds at the stern). Each cabin has its own bathroom. The skipper will stay in a separate cabin equipped with his own bathroom at the very end of the boat whose access is from the deck of the boat, so there is no need to use the premises occupied by the guests.
The outer space is endless! In fact, the catamaran has a well-protected windshield and splash cockpit, in line with the kitchen so large that it can comfortably accommodate the whole crew around the fixed table.
Excellent also the net in the bow between the two hulls where they can relax both after a regenerating bath and during navigation.

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