Cilento: the most beautiful bays to explore

Less known than the more famous Amalfi Coast, the Cilento coast offers beautiful and evocative places, sailing in a crystalline sea bordered by white beaches that blend with the green of the olive trees and the Mediterranean scrub.

One of the most beautiful destinations in the Cilento National Park is Marina di Camerota, where you can take wonderful boat excursions that offer plenty of choice between coves and bays to discover and experience.

Along the Cilento coast -awarded by the Blue Flags – you’ll find splendid inlets set in rocks overlooking the sea and bathed by an absolutely crystalline sea. Are you ready to enjoyed a holiday of sun, sea and relaxation?

Let’s find out together which are the most suggestive bays and coves of Marina di Camerota.

The Bay of Infreschi

The Bay of Infreschi will leave you speechless, a little jewel accessible by sea or through the paths immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. It is an inlet of extraordinary naturalistic value, a real natural harbor that will lead you to discover the many caves of the Marine Protected Area of ​​the Costa degli Infreschi and Masseta. Here a series of fresh water springs plunge into the sea, giving rise to a decidedly breathtaking scenery.

It seems that the name derives from the particular coolness of the spring waters or from the corruption of the term Anphorisca, the clay of the Roman era that was quarried here.

You absolutely cannot miss this bay also because within the Protected Marine Area of ​​Infreschi there is a secret beach which is nothing more than a series of natural pools and a white pebble beach that few people know from the name Cala Isolelli, which can be reached via a path.

Cala Bianca

We cannot fail to mention Cala Bianca! In 2013, a national environmental organization called “Legambiente” designated this place as the most beautiful beach in Italy.

You can enjoy the view, especially by boat, discovering the numerous sea caves, typical of the coast in this area.

Cala Bianca beach is one of the most beautiful ever together with the Bay of Infreschi.

It can be reached only in two ways: the first by boat from Marina di Camerota, the second is by foot through the path of the Infreschi and from Costa della Masseta. This path allows you to reach three of the most beautiful coves in Cilento: Pozzallo, the beach of Cala Bianca and the aforementioned Bay of Infreschi.

Cala d’Arconte

Set among the rocky cliffs covered with maritime pines and centuries-old olive trees, the beach is characterized by fine golden sand, a wide promenade few hundred meters long. Here the sea is clear and the seabed is deep and sandy.

It is generally not very crowded, which is a plus: if you want to feel really relaxed on vacation then this is the perfect place for you. There are two refreshment points, a wild but well-equipped area!

What are you waiting for? Prepare your swimsuit and sunscreen and set off to discover Cilento!