Anti-Covid-19 Measures

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff are paramount. Our COVID-19 measures have been designed with the recommendations set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ECDC. It minimizes contact with our staff while ensuring you have all you need for an enjoyable vacation.
Our base offices

  • Disinfected at the end of every working day
  • Regular disinfecting of office surfaces throughout the day
  • Cash transaction machines and tablets disinfected after each guest
  • Contactless payment preferred
  • Each base will display our COVID-19 measures on an information board
  • Contact with our staff will be behind a plexiglass screen and the reception process will be conducted in the open whenever possible

Our base staff

  • Have temperatures taken before starting work
  • Wear masks when in contact with guests
  • Observe social distancing guidelines (1m apart)
  • Regular hand disinfection and hand washing

Boat cleaning process

  • Disinfecting of all inside surfaces with disinfectant and mattresses sanitized
  • Fogging with ecologically friendly formula and disinfecting of the interior after cleaning is completed
  • Finally, we disinfect the boat exterior and lockers including cushions

Check in and check out processes

  • Only one guest/skipper will be allowed in the office (procedures will be conducted outside wherever possible) – the rest of the crew need to observe social distancing guidelines
  • Guests will be required to wear masks
  • Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands
  • For check out, only the skipper can take part in the technical briefing with one of our base team (wearing a face mask and gloves), observing social distancing guidelines. The rest of the crew need to observe social distancing guidelines
  • For check in, only the skipper is allowed to be on the pontoon – the rest of the crew need to observe social distancing guidelines

On board hygiene

  • Skippers will be supplied with masks and gloves
  • Guests will be provided with local emergency numbers
  • Each starter pack includes 1x 0.5L bottle of alcohol-based disinfecting agent suitable for hands and surfaces

We look forward to welcoming you on board!