Agropoli beach and its castle, Palinuro e Marina di Camerota

This journey along the seacoast is among the most evocative and fascinating cruises. In fact, sailing from the beautiful Gulf of Naples to the south is like discovering a hidden wonder, what we can see in this stretch of sea is one of the greatest Italian beauties, a perpetual postcard that never ends.

A glance from the sea is very special, very different from the mainland, and so villages like Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Vietri sul Mare as the last of the places that border the coast, they will look like works of art set in the rocks of the mountain where they rise, a show that leaves its mark forever in the album of memories.

Agropoli: The castle and the spectacular beach

Agropoli is the first of the three stops of our journey; first thing you see in the village is its castle, in fact, the town is divided into two parts, the flat part with the port and the upper part, where the Castle is located, on a promontory overlooking the town below, once an outpost for enemy sightings.

Agropoli is also a very welcoming village, from the port you can easily reach the many shops and restaurants, which are located in the centre next to the port, a few minutes walk and you can reach the upper part of the castle.

Tours discovering Agropoli and its spectacular beach

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