Sailing Capri

Discovering Capri by sail boat

Capri, the blue island

The worldwide known island has marked the history of the’ 50s and ’60s when it was the island of VIPs, of famous people who landed on the island from all over the world.
Capri is a fairy-tale in the middle of the sea, with unique beauties immersed in the sparkling green -blue sea, the village and the mythical Piazza Umberto I, or simply the “little square of Capri” does not find words for an adequate representation, in this square it is not rare to meet famous people who stop in one of the bars.

The Faraglioni and the Grotta Blu

In Capri by boat you have to arrive, but doing it with a sailboat offers a whole other scene, travel along the perimeter is extremely fascinating, the cliffs and the view of the villages surrounding the island are not equal, not to talk about the view of the Faraglioni, a very famous natural monument.
From the Faraglioni to the Grotta Blu the passage is obligatory, you cannot miss one of the wonders of Capri, the cave is on the other side of the island from the Faraglioni, can be reached by boat and accessed by boarding small boat leading the visit, not to be missed absolutely.

La Dolce Vita is never over

Capri is linked to a historical period that was precisely that of the Dolce Vita, well portrayed from Fellini’s film, well, even if decades have passed since that period, that atmosphere is still breathed, you can perceive the importance it has had the island for that historical period.
Many today’s VIPs try to recall that period, which is difficult to replicate, but you can still be part of it, Capri is beautiful to visit and enjoy in every corner, in a few square kilometres is enclosed a whole world, from nature at the sea, from art to culture and from

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