How to reach Ponza in Italy?

The sailboat is the best way to reach Ponza from Naples. In fact, every 15 miles there is an island. It starts from Procida and Ischia with its perfect bays to stay in the bay, the small Ventotene with its beautiful backdrops to get to Ponza and the beautiful bays and nightlife.

Last in the tour Palmarola, the wild famous for its emerald waters and its stacks.

Ponza the gem island

A favourite destination of the Romans of the past as those of today, Ponza has a strange shape, elongated and jagged to really make you think of a rock, its surface is about 10 square km and is inhabited by 3,300 people who live there permanently, its singular form allows you to make beautiful walks and at the narrowest point of the island you can see the two coastal slopes.

On a sailing boat it is simply unique, covering it in all its splendid perimeter is a truly extraordinary experience, with its bays, cliffs and dozens of small and large islets, difficult to describe its beauty.

Archaeological excavations, monuments and natural areas

Despite a limited area, Ponza is full of tourist sites of great interest, there are seven archaeological sites of Roman times including villas, Necropolis and the tunnel for Chiaia di Luna, from the Augustan period, dug into the tuff connecting Ponza Porto to the beach of Chiaia di Luna, among the monuments, the churches and Palazzo Tagliamonte.

What most fascinates about the island of Ponza is the sea and its coast, another important point is the port, a small landing that takes place in front of the village that appears as if time had stopped.

Ponza, a perfect holiday

For those who love nature, the sea and the tranquillity of a deafening silence, this is the ideal island to vacation and spend the most beautiful days of summer, a mixture of sea, sweet and pleasant air and unique landscapes.

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