Ventotene the island of ancient Rome

A tiny but large island due to the historical importance of an era as great as that of ancient Rome, with less than 2 square kilometres this island, contains a wealth of impressive grandeur, in Ventotene there are about 800 lucky inhabitants who have the pleasure of living there all year, a number that becomes much larger in the summer months.
A small paradise for those who love the sea, sailing is another advantage for a holiday on this island with natural beauties of both land and sea, the water is clear and crystalline as few places in Italy, rich of fauna is a meeting point for many divers.

The natural reserve and other beauties

The island boasts a natural reserve and protected marine nature area, for nature lovers the best place, rich in local vegetation and wildlife, diving enthusiasts every year go to explore the depths of these waters, where in the depths of this sea lie some Roman ships.
Another beauty that can be seen by sea, is the ancient Roman port, even today you can see its features and its structure, used for the landings and moorings from those arriving in the island, with the sailboat you can turn the island in a few minutes admiring very special views.

From island of confinement to mass tourism

From ancient Rome until the mid-19th century this was the island of punishment, many famous names of the most recent Italian history were confined right here, one above all Sandro Pertini, times have changed and today Ventotene is an island of very special holiday, a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Tours discovering Ventotene

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