Diving and sailing: how to make your summer holidays unique         

Immersioni durante un tour in barca a vela

For those who love the sea in all its essence, a type of holiday to experience is certainly the one that includes a tour on a sailing boat and the possibility of diving.

But what is the ideal place to experience such an experience? Surely Campania and Naples offer an ideal setting for a sailing holiday. We can travel to the islands of the Gulf, up to the nearby Pontine archipelago, retracing the cetacean route that connects the island of Ischia to that of Ponza.

We can sail towards the Amalfi Coast or towards the Sorrento Peninsula, letting ourselves be conquered by the breath-taking views and the nature that dominates unchallenged in these places or succumbing to the charm of the seaside villages where you can taste the typical cuisine.

Not just above the sea: plan your dives

A sailing holiday also gives you the freedom to plan your dives or simply choose where to snorkel.

However, for experienced and novice divers, Naples, the islands of the Gulf and the Pontine certainly offer some places that allow you to admire the species that distinguish the flora and fauna of these places and some rarities.

Campania is known for its marine protected areas, among these we can include the Marine Protected area of ​​Punta Campanella or the Kingdom of Neptune that surrounds the Phlegraean area.

The passion for diving can also be associated with that for history and, in this sense, the Baia park reveals the remains of a submerged city, becoming the ideal place to visit for all divers who love history and underwater archeology.

Why choose the “The sea all around” tour by Sail and Experience.

Immersioni durante un'escursione in barca a vela

Through the tour “The sea all around we want to offer the traveller the possibility in seven days of being able to appreciate some of the most important treasures of Campania: the sea.

The views that we can admire on the surface are only a small part: if we look below the surface of the water, in fact, there is a whole world available to discover.

This is why we decided to combine sailing and diving in a package that can satisfy the sailor with a diver’s soul or a diver with a passion for sailing.

With the tour signed Sail and Experience you can:

  • Combine your passion between sailing and diving
  • Stay aboard safe sailing boats that offer excellent performance
  • Visit some of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean
  • Get advice from an experienced skipper on board
  • Take this holiday with family or friends, thanks to the possibility of cruising in small groups.

But the advantages do not end there: for those who organize their holidays in September 2022, it will be possible to take advantage of a 15% discount on the booking. Book your private cruise with skipper now and choose the experience and quality of Sail and Experience services.