Diving in Italy: 5 must-see sites for divers who want to be amazed

Italy is full of wonderful diving sites, and some of the most special ones are in Campania: today we dive into its depths, to tell you about the 5 favourite scuba dives of Sail and Experience guests who choose the Sail and Dive experience.

Baia Archaeological Park

One of the easiest dives, but also the first that you will talk about in every conversation about underwater paradises: the archaeological park of Baiae! A few meters from the surface, the urban structure of the ancient Baiae – with its spas, its mosaics and its statues – is ready to enchant the diver who will lay his eyes on it, in a surreal atmosphere without comparisons in the world.

Punta di Pizzaco

Considered among the most spectacular walls in the Mediterranean, Punta Pizzaco is located in Procida, not far from the Corricella bay, and presents a thousand surprises between tuff caves and works of art by erosion, which created the habitat of choice for the splendid gorgonians Paramuricea Clavata and an incredible variety of aquatic fauna: grouper, bream, splendid coral, moray eel, cuttlefish, monkfish and octopus. And of course the protagonist of a thousand photos: the red gold of Naples, the Corallium rubrum.

The Sapphire Cave

Talking about diving in Italy, the Sapphire Cave in the Gulf of Salerno it is a stop-over not to be missed: its two entrances (at 4m and at 16 meters) generate the extraordinary shades of light that give it its name. Stalactites and stalagmites come together in an imposing column, around which the current inhabitants of the cave dance: shrimps, crabs, molluscs and the splendid Cerianthus reign in this suggestive place, once emerged and inhabited by the first human beings.

Banco di Santa Croce

It reaches a depth of 50 meters, but already enchants from the first 7-8 meters: the Banco di Santa Croce is an extraordinary colourful universe of the most beautiful gorgonians, in a mix that makes this place truly unique. Five rocky pinnacles are home to sponges, algae, corals and the richest fauna consisting of crustaceans, fish, molluscs and plankton. For many divers, one of the most beautiful shoals in the Mediterranean.

Rock of Vervece

Among snappers, white breams, sea bass, barracudas, scorpionfish … and some lobsters, here it is: the statue of the Madonna protector of divers, at ​​Punta Campanella: the Mass celebrated every year in September makes this place full of emotions for believers and non-believers. This sheer rock offers the walls at different cardinal points, which cause an incredible variety of flora and fauna on the different sides.

Diving in Italy is a breathaking experience: discover the best diving sites in Campania with Sail and Dive!