Ischia Explored: Sailing Adventures in Therapeutic Bliss

Ischia, known as “The Green Island” mesmerizes travellers with its multifaceted natural beauty, historical eminence, and architectural marvels.

It stands as an extraordinary destination where the charm of sailing harmonizes with the restorative embrace of natural thermal baths, offering a distinctive experience for wellness enthusiasts seeking tranquillity in captivating surroundings.

Ischia: The Green Island by Sailboat

Ischia not only captivates with its scenic landscapes and historical landmarks, notably the iconic Aragonese Castle, but also serves as a sanctuary for wellness enthusiasts seeking tranquillity amidst therapeutic hot springs. Yet, Ischia distinguishes itself through its fusion of wellness and nature. The island is dotted with various natural spa oases, among them, the exceptional bay of Sorgeto, an open-air thermal park nestled in Panza, part of the Forio municipality.

Embarking on a sailboat journey to Ischia guarantees an encounter with unparalleled natural grandeur and an ideal fusion of rejuvenation and exploration. 

Ischia: The Green Island by Sailboat - Sail and Experience

The Therapeutic Hot Springs of Ischia

Sorgeto Bay’s natural pools, nestled alongside the sea, offer a rejuvenating blend of freshwater and saline waters. These thermal springs, boasting warm temperatures, allow visitors to indulge in romantic baths even amidst winter’s chilly nights. Ischia’s allure extends beyond its shorelines, particularly attracting sailing enthusiasts. 

The coastline features numerous coves, each bearing evocative names such as the “Beach of the English” “Lovers’ Rocks” “Poseidon Gardens” and “Stone of the Ship” each steeped in legend and allure.

Poseidon Gardens - Ischia - Sail and Experience

The Sea and Wellness Sailing Cruise

Embark on the “Sea and Wellness” sailing cruise, part of the Sail and Taste and Sail and Wellness experiences, designed to provide relaxation and therapeutic benefits in Ischia’s thermal baths and hot springs. 

This 5-day cruise, departing from Marina di Stabia in Naples, explores Procida, Ischia, Capri, and Sorrento in small groups, offering onboard accommodations and expert skippers for a rejuvenating sailing adventure.

Bay of Sorgeto - Sail and Experience


Our sailing tour is hosted aboard luxurious yachts, between 41 feet and 52 feet. Based on the number of crew, the yacht can have from 3 to 5 cabins with 2/3/4 bathrooms. 

All yachts have a spacious dinette equipped with ovens, refrigerators and everything needed for cooking. The external deck is equipped with cushions both in the cockpit and on the deck at the bow. The whole crew, even if numerous, will find space on board, both to lie down in the sun and to rest in the shade of the bimini.

Sea and Wellness Sailing Cruise - Sail and Experience

In the embrace of Ischia’s thermal baths and the allure of a sailing adventure, one discovers a harmonious blend of nature’s healing touch and the serenity of the open sea. 

Whether drawn to the historical wonders, the captivating legends embedded within the island’s coves, or the sheer joy of sailing across these enchanting waters, Ischia invites you to an unforgettable voyage of wellness, relaxation, and discovery.Choose Ischia as your sailing destination for 2024. Contact us for more information.