Private cruise: how to experience an unforgettable vacation

One of the most common questions we ask ourselves is: “What is the best time to visit the Mediterranean?”. Spring and autumn are both the best times for a Mediterranean cruise.

The early summer months are very hot and crowded with travellers, especially in August when many Europeans are on vacation.

The best time to admire the hidden beauty of the crystal clear waters of our sea is therefore during the beginning and the end of the season.

A private cruise is a perfect solution to guarantee you a timeless vacation with a crew ready to pamper you and personalized itineraries.

Here are four effective tips to live it to the fullest!

Choose your destination

Most of the private cruises in the Mediterranean last 8 days, with longer itineraries (about 13 days) for those who head to more distant destinations or more stops.

As most itineraries last 8 days, the first step in choosing a small Mediterranean cruise is deciding where to go!

The cruise allows you not only to fully and completely relax the experience at sea but to visit hidden corners without necessarily leaving national borders. The ideal opportunity to discover an unspoiled Italy full of history such as the Cala Bianca beach in Marina di Camerota, the Trentova bay in Agropoli, the Faraglioni and the Blue Grotto in Capri and the Aragonese Castle in Ischia.

How to pack the perfect suitcase

For a cruise vacation, a comfortable duffel bag is certainly the wisest choice. Filling it with costumes and heavy clothing for the evening is essential. If you happen to visit a religious site, remember that some sacred places require covering of the shoulders and knees.

A hooded windbreaker will keep you warm and sheltered in rainy weather (although we hope you’ll stay in your bag!). If you are fond of snorkelling and the seabed, you cannot forget the useful equipment to admire the beauty of the Mediterranean waters.

If, on the other hand, you may be suffering from seasickness, anti-nausea bracelets and chewing gum could help you manage this problem.

A load of curiosity and a spirit of adaptation

Curiosity is the essential element for travelling, without it it is impossible to go far. Only by experiencing the sea firsthand can you say that you really know it. When you travel you experience all possible and imaginable adventures and in this way you learn to adapt.

Yes, a cruise vacation offers many comforts, but it is a limited environment where everyone’s needs must coexist in harmony. So a few small sacrifices will certainly be rewarded by a one-of-a-kind holiday.

Bye bye technology

Last advice, perhaps the most difficult to implement, but the most effective to make your holiday truly unforgettable: turn off the phone! Okay, if you just can’t turn it off, use ‘do not disturb mode for most of your trip. It will help you detach your mind from everyday and work thoughts and give yourself the space you need to keep the good memories of your vacation.

If by chance reading this article you let yourself be carried away by your imagination and you feel like taking a private cruise in the Mediterranean, consult the page of our tours and choose the destination that inspires you the most!