Marina di Camerota: discover it on a sailing boat

Marina di Camerota is the best known hamlet of the municipality of Camerota and represents its ancient outlet to the sea. Today Marina di Camerota is the main character of seaside tourism on the Cilento Coast thanks to its suggestive position. It is a gem in the Cilento coast, with a wonderful sea in front and the rolling hills behind. The sea of ​​Marina di Camerota is an extraordinary resource, with its clear and crystalline waters awarded the title “Blue Flag” for years.

Wide sandy beaches on one side and small rocky coves on the other make the seascape truly unique, suitable to satisfy the most diverse needs and tastes.

A sailing cruise is perfect for discovering the wonders of Marina di Camerota as it allows access to the most hidden beaches and the most particular corners of this strip of coast. Let’s discover together the most characteristic places and the beauties to visit.

#1 Cala Infreschi

tour in barca a vela Marina di Camerota

The beach of Baia degli Infreschi (“Infreschi Bay“), also known as Porto Infreschi or Cala Infreschi, is wonderful, so beautiful that it won a prestigious environmental award for the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2014, promoted by the italian ONLUS “Legambiente”. Located within a protected nature reserve, it has wonderful underwater corals.

The beach is very small and has sand made of small smooth pebbles, very pleasant when you lie down and relax. The sea in front of it is quite deep, and after a few steps you lose contact with the seabed. To preserve this delicate ecosystem, access to the beach is now allowed for a maximum of 67 people at the same time, for no more than an hour. Reaching the Baia degli Infreschi with your own boat is ideal for enjoying this wonderful sea and admiring the landscape and the beach.

#2 Cala Bianca

The Cala Bianca beach is made of white pebbles and sand and has a crystal clear and brilliant sea. The name of this beach is linked to the presence of white pebbles that create a truly unique chromatic effect. As you get closer to the shore, the pebbles are gradually smaller, until they become almost sand. The sea of ​​Cala Bianca is transparent and very deep and is perfect for snorkelers.

#3 Pozzallo beach

Pozzallo beach looks like a painting. About 70 meters long and 50 meters deep, it is surrounded by a coast full of colorful underwater caves.

The beach, which features pebbles and gravel, offers the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters. From the beach you can also swim to the Pozzallo cave, one of the hundred caves located in the stretch of coast that goes from Marina di Camerota to the Infreschi Bay. This cave, accessible only from the sea, is partially submerged and owes its name to the presence of a natural well.

#4 Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is also known as the Cala Fortuna Grotto and can only be reached by boat. It owes its name to the wonderful visual effect produced by the encounter between the clear blue of the seabed and the sunlight that penetrates a small opening at sea level.

#5 Stone Age Caves

These are suggestive limestone caves scattered along the coast of Marina di Camerota, inside which archaeological finds dating back mainly to the Paleolithic age have been found.

If these are some of the unmissable historical and natural beauties of Marina di Camerota, the surroundings offers many other destinations to visit, moving along the coast or within it: from the many and wonderful caves, to the Marchesale Palace, built at the end of the seventeenth century by Orazio Marchese as a summer residence for the family; from the historic center to the delightful port, passing through the imposing Saracen Towers. The area is also full of unmissable hiking trails and is also known for its typical cuisine and the sincere hospitality of the inhabitants.

Visiting Marina di Camerota is a real pleasure for those who love the sea and doing it on a sailing boat is ideal for catching all the peculiarities of this extraordinary coast.

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