Sailing course in Naples: learn the secrets of sailing with a mini cruise

For those who love the sea, there is nothing better than sailing on a sailboat to connect to it and experience it without borders and limitations, deeply feeling a sense of unparalleled freedom and happiness.

The sailboat is environmentally friendly, offers a type of navigation that combines emotion and relaxation and promotes authentic communion with nature.

This is why a sailing course, for those who love this type of navigation and for those who feel a deep bond with the sea, is the ideal activity to learn to experience firsthand the special relationship that is created between those in command of a sailboat and the sea itself.

A true captain loves the dimension of travel, the art of sailing, the ability to grasp the energy to move from the elements of nature, and knowing how to evaluate their effects.

Sail And Experience offers to aspiring captains the “Skipper course“, a full immersion course on a sailing boat, with a duration ranging from three to seven days.

 corso di vela A Scuola di Skipper

The course allows you to live a real training experience and, at the same time, to travel and visit wonderful places.

The most common duration of the mini-cruise is seven days, departing from the port of Castellammare di Stabia on Saturday and returning on the following Saturday. The port of Castellammare di Stabia is easily accessible from Naples and is very convenient because it is far from the busiest summer destinations and is close to large parking lots.

The skipper course aims to allow the aspiring captain to compete with navigation in protected conditions, serenely evaluating their skills, aptitudes and limitations.

Before departure, each aspiring captain receives a theoretical handout that illustrates all the necessary knowledge to navigate safely.

Before leaving, a briefing will allow you to choose the first destination based on the weather conditions.

Students will also have the opportunity to experience all the procedures and checks to be carried out on the equipment, to ensure safe and informed navigation.

During the course, the crew will be involved in the manoeuvres necessary to hoist the sails and steer the boat, also learning to read nautical charts and to stay on course, avoiding areas off-limits to navigation and pitfalls such as rocks and shallow waters.

During the sailing, the aspiring skippers will play different roles to gain complete knowledge of how to steer a sailboat (sail adjustment, rudder, course control, and ship point detection).

corso di vela sail and experience

Near each mooring port, the students will be involved to reach the planned mooring place safely.

There are many technical topics covered during the course: from the use of the VHF to the measures necessary to ensure the safety of sailors and the maintenance of all systems.

In addition to discovering the secrets of navigation, this experience also offers pleasant moments of relaxation. Every evening, for example, we moor and go ashore to visit wonderful seaside resorts.

Discover in detail all the topics covered during our sailing course and book your experience to become an authentic skipper!