Sailing holidays in Italy: choose Campania!

Are you looking for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and adventure? A sailing holiday in Italy is the right choice for you! Whether you are a lone wolf or want to travel with friends, this experience satisfies all types of travellers.

You will be able to admire always different, exclusive and special destinations so from everyday life.

But what is the perfect destination for a sailing experience?

Surely, among evocative landscapes and less-known beaches, Campania can offer stunning results for itineraries and tours on a sailing boat. Travelling on a sailboat is an emotion to be experienced.

You can choose one of our sailing experiences, including archaeological visits, food and wine tours or relaxation in the natural spas. Discover our travel destinations and choose the one that suits you best to experience an unforgettable holiday in Campania!


ischia castello aragonese

After a lot of work, you have finally chosen to dedicate time to yourself in total relaxation. Feel the need to grant your mind and body the well-being of a holiday away from everyday stress. What’s better than a regenerating experience enjoying the natural spas in Campania?

Our Sail and Wellness experience on a sailing boat dedicated to relaxation at the natural spas is perfect for being pampered. Campania is one of the Italian regions famous for being rich in mineral and thermal water resources.

One of the privileged and renowned destinations in the area is certainly the island of Ischia with its natural spas. The island is full of volcanic sources such as those of Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno and Forio.

The various spas all have therapies such as mud baths, aesthetic and therapeutic massages, whirlpools, showers, saunas, stoves and much more. Let yourself be pampered by this wellness path between sea and nature and treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation!

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Visitare le rovine di Pompei ed Ercolano

Backpack on your shoulder and let’s go to the discovery of the archaeological sites of Campania! Our Sail and History travel experience combines the relaxation and comfort of a sailing holiday with the passion for the history of our land.

Among the treasures and historical riches present in Campania, we certainly find the two most popular destinations in the world: Pompeii and Herculaneum. Among the red frescoes of the houses of Pompeii, the columns, and the arcades of the villas of Herculaneum we can savour all the historical and cultural value that characterizes Campania.

Having become UNESCO World Heritage, these two destinations, thanks to their pleasant climate, have been a holiday resorts for the wealthiest people in society throughout history.

Our sailing cruise to discover the immense historical heritage of Campania offers a splendid walk in the ancient Roman cities buried by ashes and mud. You will feel like walking in a still hectic city among charred wooden objects, intact paintings, and mosaics.

Path of the Gods

If you can’t decide between a beach holiday and a mountain holiday, our Sail and Hike experience is the solution to all your doubts! Treat yourself to a relaxing cruise on a sailing boat sailing along the Campania coasts, combining your trip with a trekking experience among the most famous trails in the world.

For lovers of adventures, an excursion immersed in unspoiled nature and admiring suggestive landscapes is priceless. Discover the fascinating Path of the Gods of the Amalfi Coast.

The adventure will take you through historic villages, following ancient mule tracks and admiring some of the most extraordinary views in Italy, while also keeping you away from the din of tourist attractions. As you walk, you will eventually come across several places and artefacts that recall the ancient peoples who passed through this area.

You will enter a mythical area dotted with clandestine caves and carved stone dwellings that are said to have been used by the first travellers and settlers. It is shrouded in legends of gods who descend to the banks to meet the singing sirens who resided there.

Along the way, you will experience what life could have been like travelling from one small village to another in the mid-1800s. You will smell the fresh and fragrant air of local plants and get lost in the immaculate view of the islands and the sea that joins the sky.

Travelling on a sailboat offers unique emotions that combined with your passions make your experience truly unforgettable. Discover all our travel experiences on a sailing boat in Campania!