Sailing holidays with skipper: the thrill of a private cruise

Sailing in the sea with a sailboat in total relaxation, thinking only of relaxing and enjoying your holiday, is not a dream. We at Sail And Experience make your every wish come true! Book your sailing holiday with a skipper.

Our professionals will accompany you during the navigation. The skipper will take care of the boat, making sure you enjoy the holiday of your dreams in total safety, visiting the most beautiful destinations in Campania.

If you are a novice sailor, spending time talking to a skipper, especially if you have persistent questions or concerns, will help you feel comfortable.

In addition, it will make your sailing cruise perfect, taking care of the itinerary of the trip, following your wishes and keeping an eye on the weather. In addition, he will accompany you with the tender in the bays or on the ground and will tell you about the many legends related to the magical coast of Campania.

Embrace the relaxing vibes of a sailing holiday and choose to sail in the company of a professional and friendly skipper. Choose where to stop for lunch, and where to snorkel or anchor. Our goal is to make your navigation unforgettable. Our skippered boats are perfect if you have no experience or if you simply want to treat yourself to a holiday.

A skipper for every traveller

Are you a lover of adventure and want to explore the most secret destinations that can only be reached by sea but you don’t know how to navigate? You will no longer need to see the same beach view as your hotel complex. We can help you find a perfect sailboat and skipper for you.

But this travel experience is also suitable for experienced sailors who want to relax with their friends and family rather than take the helm. Sometimes you just don’t want to be in charge and enjoy the pleasure of sailing like everyone else.

If you have just started sailing, however, and this is your first sailing cruise, you may want to consider a skippered boat rental to learn to sail and increase your knowledge without pressure.

Sailing holidays with a skipper are also suitable for children, who will experience an extraordinary adventure in complete safety.

What does a skipper do?

Your skipper will have all the local knowledge to make your vacation truly special. He will take care of navigation, mooring, anchoring, safety, weather forecasts and your travel itinerary.

The biggest advantage of choosing a professional skipper is the amount of experience he has. This gives them the knowledge of how, when and why.

They understand weather conditions, local waters and local culture far more than anyone else. This can result in far better and much safer service. It is also the skipper who takes on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the crew and the boat. He will be the right person who will ensure you reliability and competence.

The advantages of a private cruise with a skipper

In summary, renting a sailboat with a skipper allows you to fully enjoy your cruise, learning the manoeuvres at his side and sharing a privileged moment with a sea lover.

You can also agree on a common itinerary other than the one specified. At Sail And Experience, we make sure the right people are there by your side. Here are the advantages of your skippered trip:

  • Professional skippers with sailing experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the local culture
  • Trusted advice and passion for the territory
  • Maximum safety for you and your friends and family
  • Always updated weather forecasts able to optimize your holiday

So what are you waiting for? Book now your sailing holiday with a skipper.