Sailing with the family: the best vacation in the world is also…easy!

Organizing holiday with children

“Mom, dad, when do we get there?” – This is the question that your children … will never ask you during a sailing holiday!

Organizing a sailing holiday with children may seem like a tiring undertaking, but it is not. They’ll be caught by a thousand curiosities: the luckiest ones will return home telling their friends that they saw the dolphins swimming and tons of shooting stars. If the boat that hosts you can live up to the best expectations, life on board will be as comfortable as in a hotel, but much more special.

You and your family will have a lot of fun. You stop whenever you want and every daily activity – such as eating or sleeping – becomes magical because you carry it out on board: like pirates of the past, without any of the risks they ran 😊

A family sailing holiday is unique for its contact with nature: each of you will reveal aspects of his character unknown to others and there will be an opportunity to discover new ways to have fun together. An adventure with the family is good for the mood and makes you return to everyday life full of joy!

Renting a boat with a skipper

Renting a boat with a skipper is the solution that avoids any problem, in these cases: in complete safety, you can enjoy a holiday as never before, full of things to discover, with the tranquillity of those who do not have to worry every moment about the safety of his children or travel hitches. Even if it is a completely safe holiday, to fully enjoy it it is important to be cautious (for example not to lose precious objects in the sea!).

An expert skipper is also the key to be sure not to miss any highlights of a place, including those that are often not included in the “classic” tourist guides designed for tourists … “by land”. The most famous bays also have a rush hour that is best to avoid; the most hidden corners are sometimes only enjoyable with certain sea conditions, which it is good to know and foresee, and so on: it is better to rely on an expert and enjoy your holiday!

But you don’t live by the sea alone: ​​if sailing a sailboat is a holiday in itself, combining it with a special experience – a theme or an activity – can truly transform it into a “dream holiday” for the family. Bike routes for bicycle enthusiasts or hiking for lovers of excursions, food and wine tours to “taste” a place or guided visits to museums, archaeological sites and urban pearls. In these cases, it is essential to contact someone who knows how to “keep all the pins in the air” as a good juggler: booking in advance a restaurant or the tickets for a museum to skip the line, organizing the ground transport, choose the best-guided tours, it’s something that must be very wisely planned by experienced people with great knowledge of the territory. Do not trust improvised “agencies”, because it is the ability to “foresee the unpredictable” that makes the difference in the success of a holiday … especially when there are children on board!

In our opinion, the beauty of a sailing holiday is above all this: that it speaks the language of the older ones and that of the little ones and offers everyone wonderful memories!