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Diving into the past

Discovering Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri with your sail boat.

Sail & Food&Wine
Sail & History


Check in: Monday at 9:00 a.m. Marina di Stabia, Napoli.

Check out: Friday at 4:00 p.m. Marina di Stabia, Napoli

With the sailing tour Ancient History Gems, you have a 5 days tour package taking you from Castellammare di Stabia,Italy to Italy Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento. Ancient History Gems is a small group tour that includes accommodation as well as an expert guide and more.


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Day 1 - Capri

Welcome to the luxurious Marina di Stabia. The boat is ready to set sail. The final preparations have to be completed: after having provided the galley with the food, the skipper will be there to help you in arranging it. Just before the departure there will be a brief safety briefing followed by some hints and suggestions on how to stay on the boat. Now we are ready to set sail and the adventure is about to begin. Once out of the port, according to the sea and wind conditions, we will adjust the sails and will immediately route on the blue island: Capri! we will cross the bay of Sorrento and coast the villages of the Sorrento peninsula, Vico Equense, Puolo, Massa Lubrense. We then will arrive to Capri with its cliffs, the endless ravines and caves are close at hand. First stop: Blue Grotta. In small groups we will embark in the characteristic small boats with flat bottom that the expert boatmen manoeuvre to slip into the narrow entrance of the cave on the water surface. We continue the circumnavigation of the island, passing through the green cave and finally we will give the anchor to the small Marina for a refreshing dip, a snack and relax. Just after sunset when the temperature begins to be more pleasant, we will disembark with our dinghy to enjoy the famous Capri nightlife. With a small bus in just over 10 minutes we will be in the famous square. We will continue our walk following the indications for “punta Tragara” to admire a breath-taking view directly on the Faraglioni. Tired for the intense day we will return by boat to relax in the cockpit perhaps sipping a nice Limoncello.

Day 2 - Amalfi

We leave Capri completing the tour of the island and passing really close to the Faraglioni Rocks. After bowing on Punta Campanella we will be officially in Amalfi coast. Stop in Nerano … a perfect bay to take a dive thanks to the south exposition and the mountains which protect the bay from the wind. We continue our navigation along the coast towards Amalfi passing by the Li Galli islands, then Positano, Praiano. After Capo Conca, Amalfi appears before us. Between the houses we will be able to see the imposing main facade of its cathedral. We enter the port where we will pass the night. Ready to go ashore to discover this town and ready to get lost among its alleys with unique views in the world.

Day 3 - Positano

We leave Amalfi and sail along the divine Amalfi Coast, stop in front of “Fiordo di Furore” and then we finally reach Positano. Lunch and afternoon in front of Positano beach. Dinner in town, visit and overnight stay.

Day 4 - Sorrento

After a relaxing and romantic night admiring the lights coming from the enchanting Positano, it’s time to get back to the sea and reach another gulf. From Salerno to the Gulf of Naples, passing by Punta Campanella. Along the route, stop in the bay of Recommone. The skipper will lead you to the discovery two particularly interesting caves to get a little cool on summer days. Before sunset we continue our navigation to Sorrento … the slight breeze of mistral will lead us to the entrance of the port. We will then dinner in one of the main sea terrace restaurants tasting a delicious Pizza and walking through the fascinating narrow streets of the town.

Day 5 - Pompeii and Herculaneum

After Breakfast, we are ready to sail for a navigation in the bay of Sorrento towards Marina di Stabia. Arriving at the marina of stabia we will find a private taxi to start the Guided tours of the fascinating cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum still intact in the shadow of the imposing volcano Vesuvius.


All tour are accomadated on board of a luxurious yacht of between 41ft to 52ft. Depending on the crew number the yacht can have 3 up to 5 cabins with 2/3/4 bathrooms. All yachts have spacious and equipped dinette with ovens, fridges and all you need to cook. Exquisite outdoor deck with complete outboard cushions in both the cockpit and the deck at the bow. All the crew, even if numerous, will find space on board, whether it wants to stretch out to the sun after a nice swim, whether they want to stay in the shade of the Bimini maybe after lunch for a nice sleep. Cabins' allocation is organized at your arrival by our skipper according to the group composition, meaning it is not possible to reserve a specific berth or cabin. Single passengers will be paired up with another passenger of the same gender, this may mean sharing a double cabin with a double mattress. Everyone including the skipper shares the bathrooms on board. Even if this solution could appear not intimate, we can garantee you will love to became a part of a new crew, making new friends and sharing the adventure. Comfort, safety and exciting sailing performance are assured!


Min 2 - Max 6 pax

  • 6 berths
  • 3 cabins
  • 2 heads


Min 6 - Max 8 pax

  • 9 berths
  • 4 cabins
  • 3 heads


Min 7 - Max 10 pax

  • 11 berths
  • 5 cabins
  • 3 heads


Price to visit the Amalfi Coast by sailing boat


Captain Experience

BoatUp to (pax)MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober
Bavaria Cruiser 416€ 3.516€ 3.780€ 4.300€ 5.500€ 3.620€ 3.380
Bavaria Cruiser 468€ 4.250€ 4.730€ 5.250€ 7.100€ 5.250€ 4.010
Bavaria Cruiser 5110€ 5.290€ 5.850€ 6.330€ 8.320€ 6.330€ 4.890
Catamaran10€ 6.290€ 7.410€ 8.450 -€ 8.450€ 5.690

What is included

Boat rental, skipper, port charges for a maximum of two nights in the Marina (excluding the Marina Piccola in Capri), diesel, sheets and towels, blankets, final cleaning, outboard and fuel.

What is not included

Excursions and experiences, galley, transfer to and from the place of boarding, Chef/Hostess, additional nights in the Marina.

Comfort Experience

BoatUp to (pax)MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober
Bavaria Cruiser 414€ 4.616€ 4.880€ 5.400€ 6.750€ 4.720€ 4.480
Bavaria Cruiser 466€ 5.550€ 6.030€ 6.550€ 8.500€ 6.550€ 5.310
Bavaria Cruiser 518€ 6.790€ 7.350€ 7.830€ 9.940€ 7.830€ 6.390
Catamaran8€ 7.790€ 8.910€ 9.950 -€ 9.950€ 7.190

What is included

Boat rental, skipper, port charges for a maximum of two nights in the Marina, diesel, sheets and towels, blankets, final cleaning, outboard and fuel, hostess and half board service*.

What is not included

Excursions and experiences, transfer to and from the place of boarding, additional nights in the Marina. *Breakfast and lunch or dinner including water and soft drinks (no alcoholic beverages).

Excursions Price List (for single person)

Pompeii and Herculaneum Excavations: € 80 | Lemon Tour: € 20