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Sailing charter Italy, Naples in Italy the best destination

The proposed solution is suitable for a crew of at least 6 people. In fact, this boat presents 4 double cabins (two twins in the bow and two twins in the stern). This last cabin is perfect for a variety of uses: it can be used by the skipper so as to leave the dinette (central part of the boat), or to be used to hold luggage; finally it is a comfortable accommodation if the group consists of 8 people. Bathrooms in general 2 (in some models it is possible to have a third room with only the shower tray) complete the interior facilities of this category.
Comfort, safety and exciting sailing performance are assured!
Two yachts available!

Yacht Specification

Length:14,27 mWidth:4,35 m
Draught:2,10 mEngine:60 Hp
Wc:3Furling Main:Yes
Fuel:210 LWater:360 L

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01/01 – 21/05

26/09 – 31/12

€ 2.800/ week

22/05 – 11/06


€ 3.400/ week

12/06 – 16/07

05/09 – 25/09

€ 4.000/ week

17/07 – 30/07

28/08 – 04/09

€ 4.700/ week

31/07 – 27/08


€ 7.000/ week