Tour overview

The sailing course in Naples “Skipper Course”, which is part of the Sail and Learn experience, is a full immersion course on a sailing boat which, at the same time, allows you to travel for a week with your family. The Skipper Course aims to measure the skills, aptitudes and limits of the aspiring captain, always sailing in safe conditions. In the evening we moor and go down to visit the seaside resorts.

Sail & Learn

The Program of the Sailing Course in Naples “Skipper Course”

Check-in: Saturday – 16:00 – Marina di Stabia, Castellammare di Stabia, Naples.

Check out: next Saturday – 09:00 – Marina di Stabia, Castellammare di Stabia, Naples.

The sailing course lasts from 3 to 7 days.

Boarding and accommodation in the cabin with welcome cocktail and briefing with all the aspiring skippers.

Each one will be given a handout regarding all the theoretical topics covered during the course. After consulting the weather, the route to follow and the first waypoint to navigate will be decided. All procedures and equipment checks will be illustrated to ensure safe and comfortable navigation.

For the entire duration of the course, the crew will be engaged in the manoeuvres to hoist the sails and then lead the boat to the chosen destination.

During navigation, you will alternate in different roles (rudder, sail adjustment, course control, ship point detection).

Much attention will be paid to checking the route on the nautical chart to avoid dangers such as shallow waters, outcropping rocks and any areas off-limits to navigation.

Finally, near the docking port, everyone will be involved to proceed safely to the assigned berth.

In the evening you can relax onboard and discuss the concepts learned in the cockpit or you can stroll through the streets of the villages that we will visit during the “Skipper Course” cruise.

Other topics covered:

  • Man overboard
  • Use of the VHF
  • Maintenance:
    • System analysis of a boat (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic)
    • The engine: belt and impeller change, oil change
    • Electrical system: basics, maintenance of its parts, instrumentation, recovery of anchors.
    • Winches: how they work and how they should be maintained

The cost of the sailing course in Naples “Skipper course”

The price includes:

Use of the boat, accommodation in a double cabin, towels and sheets, blankets, course notes, fuel, final cleaning.

The price does not include

Galley, transfer to and from the boarding base, any moorings for a fee.

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