Hiking Amalfi coast: SAIL AND HIKE

Hiking Amalfi coast where the mountains kiss the sea

A journey of two perspectives: mountains and sea

Each year, the usual dilemma… sea or mountain? Diving or hiking? Sail & Hike meet everyone’s needs; a sailing cruise along Campania coasts and exciting hikes through mountain paths. A holiday dedicated to nature lovers, with the sea and wind always by your side, to discover the beautiful mountains and Campania parks.

Admiring the beauties of the nature, among Mediterranean scents and melodies, enjoying the harmony of the landscape, listening to the sound of your breath and your steps where the mind can finally relax.
A journey which will take your breath away.

Nature get-aways

Hiking is not only climbing the mountains, but also as an alternative way, more humane, healthy and interesting to visit small corners of the fascinating region of Campania.

Visiting the city but also its surroundings discovering natural treasures. Choose among several walks along country trails in the plains or hills and along easy trails marked by low mountains or even routes for the more experienced.

Once landed the adventure begins; we will provide a detailed description of the route, useful maps and information on the route you’re on.

The most famous path along the Amalfi Coast is the “Path of the Gods”

Wandering with the Gods

Exciting paths and breathtaking views where the sky merges with the blue sea. Nature trails in this region are endless. Among those of the Amalfi Coast the most famous is certainly the “Path of the Gods” which starts from Agerola, crossing the coast between crags, cliffs, terraces, to get to the seaside village of Positano.

The whole coast is dotted with nature trails of all kinds: easier ones as the path of the Ferriere Valley between forests and waterfalls, or to the Jeranto Bay, a little hidden beach, or the path along the coast of Sorrento up to Punta Campanella. Experienced climbers can choose to climb to Mount Finestra or Mount Cerreto or follow the theme trails exploring the famous Vietri ceramics or the Limoncello distilleries.

This experience offers not just the Path of the Gods, but also the Historic and Naturalistic trails of Flegree Islands and the Legendary Cilento

You have the opportunity to discover the island of Capri from a different point of view, far away from the glamor and crowded center, enjoying spectacular views: along the trails of Mount Solaro, or to the eastern part of the island towards the Matermara cave and reaching the jump of Tiberius or also following the path of the forts Bourbons of Anacapri.

Ischia, the green island offers a complete trails range : crossing the whole island from Serrara Fontana to Forio walking through the trails of Mount Epomeo.

Finally two routes among the most evocative of the Mediterranean coasts: along the coast of Myths: the Cilento. From the port of Marina di Camerota to Punta Infreschi one of Italy’s most beautiful bay, or to discover the “Stonehenge of the Cilento”, itinerary which starts in Perdifumo and runs through the mountain Stella up to San Mauro Cilento.

Sail And Hike Tours in Amalfi Coast

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Walking with the Gods

Amalfi - Capri - Costiera Amalfitana - Ischia - Isole Flegree - Pompeii - Positano - Sorrento

Sea and Mountain: an endless love Sailing along the Amalfi Coast and hiking along its...

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