SAIL AND HISTORY – Pompeii tours

Diving into history

A sailing cruise to discover the huge Italian historical heritage.

A unique opportunity to visit some of the world most famous archaeological sites without sacrificing the relaxed luxury of a holiday on a sailing boat.

The Region of Campania, not surprisingly called Campania Felix by the ancient Romans, preserves unique archaeological and historical treasures in magical places such as Pompei, Ercolano, Paestum, Baia, the historic center of Naples, and the many villas and ancient amphitheatres scattered along the coast.

Seas the day

The trip starts getting on board and sailing along the coast and the islands, pushed by the wind, llulled by the waves, admiring spectacular views.

A holiday of unique emotions, diving in the crystal clear waters and taking refuge in hidden creeks covered by lush vegetation.

A privileged point of view expert nautical tourists will love and which will conquer those who for the first time live the experience of a sailing holiday.

Historic Treasures

The adventure continues discoveing archeological wonders a world cultural heritage come down to us intact, jealously hidden under meters of lava, lapilli or submerged by the sea.

An ancient world more alive than ever thanks to the natural and historical events that have forever changed this land of tragedies and battles, a crossroads of peoples and cultures whic is today an open air museum.

Mooring in the Augustus’ Harbour

A visit to the ghostly ruins of ancient Pompeii and Hercolaneum is one of the world’s most amazing archaeological experiences.

The two buried cities are places consecrated as world historical heritage of the past, still amazingly intact, giving us a fragment of the life of ancient Rome with its frescoed houses, the shops and the bodies buried under the lava of Vesuvius.

Going south we can admire the grandeur of the Greek temples of Paestum, the ancient Poseidonia, and sailing north the splendor of the archaeological parks of Baia and Gaiola with its ports, villas and drowned statues.

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