Sail and Dive is the perfect experience for all those who have a great passion for the sea…especially under the water!

Scuba diving on the Amalfi coast, you’ll discover a marvellous underwater world, rich in unique marine fauna and remains of ancient civilizations. On a sailboat you’ll fully get in touch with nature and history: you’ll never forget this amazing feeling.

Vacation above and below the sea

Vacation above and below the sea

Sailing and Diving: two complementary passions

Are you a scuba diver inside? Are you an expert scuba diver who never tried the life onboard a sailboat? Those who love the sea as a sailor have much in common with the diving enthusiast: the search for absolute silence and the desire to visit new worlds, love for nature and all forms of marine life.

Diving in Naples means experiencing a fascinating and unique journey that changes your relationship with the sea forever.

The charm of diving in Naples and Campania

The volcanic nature of the Gulf of Naples and the presence of many protected marine areas make the seabed of this part of the Mediterranean rich in marine species and breathtaking views.

Snorkelling and scuba diving in Campania means admiring the splendid Scoglio del Vervece, in the protected marine area of ​​Punta Campanella, the spectacular rocky pinnacles of the Banco di Santa Croce at the cave of the Sapphire, the treasures of the submerged bay, the 35 underwater caves of Palinuro up to looking at the magic colours of Ventotene.

An underwater museum: the Baia and Gaiola parks

The Gulf of Naples is world-famous among divers particularly for the marine park of Baia, included in the larger Natural Park of the Phlegraean Fields.

Here the water preserves a marvel that cannot be found elsewhere: the remains of an ancient Roman city. Diving into these waters you’ll admire mosaics, traces of frescoes, sculptures, paths and columns immersed in perfect condition. Scuba diving or snorkelling in these waters is a dream experience.

Travelling on a sailboat offers unique and unforgettable emotions. Here are the sailing tours that include these experiences!

Sail And Dive Tours

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Enjoying Scuba Diving in Amalfi Coast

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