Sailing Team Building

A shared experience to feel part of a team.

In a global economic environment where you need 100% commitment of each employee it has now become inescapable to integrate professional techniques to a serene emotional sphere.

Team building activities help to achieve a double objective: that of entertainment and stress releasing and that of building and consolidating a good relationship among colleagues.

Those activities should be exciting, challenging and engaging so as to leave an indelible memory in the participants.

Imagine a context that is not the office or the desk, but a beautiful sailing boat plowing through the waves with a team made by your colleagues with whom you will share the joys and hard times.

A double training

The working groups often meet to discuss various issues and business, they do it in company places such as meeting rooms, and are sometimes related to formation and training.

In addition there are other reasons for organizing meetings, maybe celebrate a success of a project.

The proposal to participate to a team building experience goes exactly in this direction.

The only big difference is the “location”: not an office room but a comfortable and elegant sailing boat.

A team building adventure is a good solution to settle even more the union of the group.

Sailing as a relational experience

A team or a working group creating relationships based on shared experiences, such as feelings and memories can combine this experience in the fun, relaxation and strong shared emotions.

Adding the chance to navigate from the Gulf of Naples to the Islands, the Amalfi Coast makes it even more exciting and thrilling.

Organizing a team building will confirm the great unity that holds them together by stimulating the idea of the success of a team.

Success is also built on a sailing boat

Team building is not only an original idea to meet and get together, but it is also a good way to demonstrate the success of a team.

The idea of sailing on board a well-equipped sailboat with colleagues and friends will surely be appreciated.

Successful experience as a Sailing race event will lead to important achievements pushing individuals into unexplored going beyond borders with obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Sail And Team Tours

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