SAIL AND WELLNESS (Natural thermal baths in italy)

A unique opportunity to relax at the natural thermal baths in Italy without giving up the luxury of a sailing holiday.

It is time for a well-deserved rest, a holiday dedicated to you and the well-being of your body and mind. The daily stress, the responsibilities, the challenge to be able to do everything for everyone. Stop. Breathe, pack your suitcase and go by boat to experience a holiday that combines the regenerating power of the sea with the best spa treatments. A trip dedicated to you and your well-being, in perfect balance with your passion for the sea and sailing.

A sea of ​​pampering in the natural spas in Campania

Sailing combined with a wellness program which includes some of the best natural thermal baths in Italy.

Sailing and wellness

A rich thermal heritage

Sailing is a wonderful experience by itself: combining it with relaxing spa treatments is the icing on the cake: one of the best ways to end or start a day on a sailing boat!

Campania is one of the richest Italian regions in mineral and thermal water sources. The Ischia thermal baths are certainly the most famous and popular.

The sources around which the various spas of the beautiful island of Ischia have been built are very different from each other. The different springs all have a bicarbonate and salty-sodium-alkaline type of water and have a common volcanic origin.

Volcanic well-being

The natural thermal baths in Campania are numerous. There are the hyperthermal waters of the island of Ischia, ranging from those of Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno (about 70 °C, which is  about 158 F), to the thermal waters of Ischia (37 – 39 °C, which is about 98 – 102 F) and the chloride-sodium waters of Forio (ranging from 29 to 40 °C, which is about 84 – 104 F).

The thermal baths of Pozzuoli are also very famous, near the mythical archaeological site of the Sibyl of Cuma, in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields. Here the waters that flow from the Puteolan volcanic spring are hyperthermal (about 57 ° C – 134 F) and have the characteristic unpleasant odour of this type of salty-sulphate-alkaline springs. Finally, there are the thermal baths of Agnano, which were also already used by the Romans. These baths are located in the suggestive crater of an extinct volcano and are one of the few spa resorts to have natural dry heat thermal caves.

Imperial pampering

In the various thermal establishments all types of therapies are practicable: hydroponics, baths, muds, inhalations, aesthetic and therapeutic massages, hydro-massages, irrigations, showers, saunas, stoves, sandblasting, heliotherapy.

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