5 good reasons to visit Ventotene

is the southernmost island, geographically closest to the Flegrean Islands. A small uncontaminated jewel, with a territory of just 1.75 km2, a casket of naturalistic and cultural treasures to visit in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ventotene is part, together with the island of Santo Stefano, of a National Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area established in 1997 to protect the extraordinary environment, flora and fauna present in the sea surrounding the two islands. Thanks to the very varied coast, with headlands, inlets and beaches, the marine fauna and flora are rich and abundant.

There are many beauties that the island offers and just as many reasons to include Ventotene among the destinations to visit. We have selected five main reasons that make this little gem an unmissable destination for lovers of the sea, history and nature.

1 – The beaches of Ventotene

This delightful islet, with its 3 km of coastline, offers visitors some truly delightful beaches and the chance to immerse themselves in a wonderful and unspoiled sea.

One of the most beautiful beaches is undoubtedly Cala Nave, in the southeast of the island, not far from the port. The two features that make this beach special are the soft dark sand of volcanic origin and the changing colours sea, with a thousand shades ranging from turquoise to blue. The gravelly bottom ensures extraordinary transparency to the water.

2 – The Roman Port

It was in Roman times that Ventotene’s fame grew and the island experienced an extraordinary building development, thanks to the exploitation of tuffaceous rocks that were easily excavated and modelled. Thus was born the ancient port, dug into the block of rock that sloped down to the sea, creating a safe basin, as it is naturally protected by a large rocky wall. The old port of Ventotene is, therefore, one of the many examples of the extraordinary engineering skills of the ancient Romans. Today the port is a destination for relaxing walks, during which you can enjoy a very special atmosphere, poised between past and present. The cave-shaped spaces, carved into the tufaceous wall, host bars and restaurants and also some diving facilities, for those wishing to spend a special day or evening in contact with the wonderful sea of ​​Ventotene and its glorious history.

3 – The Roman Cisterns

In Ventotene the Roman Aqueduct included six large Cisterns and conduits, dug into the tuff. Today only two of them remain visible: the Cisterna di Villa Stefania (with an area of ​​about 700 square meters) and the Cisterna dei Detenuti (with an area of ​​over 1200 square meters). These marvellous cisterns have reached the present day intact thanks to the “cocciopesto” lining. In addition to being mysterious and fascinating places, these cisterns are full of paintings, votive shrines, signatures and graffiti, testifying to the passage of man over the centuries.

4 – Villa Giulia

Villa Giulia is one of the most beautiful places in Ventotene, capable of combining the charm of an ancient and sad history with the wonderful spectacle of nature.

The Villa owes its name to Giulia, daughter of Emperor Augustus and his second wife Scribonia. Giulia was deeply loved by her father who nevertheless did not hesitate to make her a pawn in his own political games. In 2 BC, Julia was arrested for adultery and accused of plotting against the emperor. Augustus, in order not to condemn his daughter to death, decided to exile her to Ventotene, right in this house. Villa Giulia is located in the northern part of the island, on the promontory of Punta Eolo and today shows the remains of courtyards, rooms, corridors, gardens, cisterns, spas, which are still easily recognizable. Furthermore, the panorama is of marvelous beauty and alone is worth the trip.

5 – The lighthouse

Lighthouses have always had a particular charm and that of Ventotene does is no exception. The happy location makes it a perfect place to wait for the sunset and watch its magic.

Visiting Ventotene is therefore a must for those who love the sea, history and nature and doing it on a sailing boat is ideal for appreciating very special views and fully enjoying such a beautiful scenery. If you want to visit Ventotene, choose one of our skippered tours or rent a sailboat from our fleet!