Sailing holidays in Campania: discover the wellness route

A Wellness Holiday is a holiday dedicated to experiences focused on positive energies and emotions, regenerating body and mind, in total harmony with oneself and with the surrounding environment.

A holiday on a sailing boat, with its atmosphere of peaceful relaxation, the contact with nature, the typical silence of the open sea, the absence of sources of stress linked to the chaos and traffic typical of road trips in the summer, it is in itself a holiday that focuses on well-being.

Sail And Experience launched the Sail And Wellness experience, which combines sailing with the enjoyment of the immense thermal heritage that characterizes the Campania region.

The spas in Campania: Ischia

Campania is one of the richest Italian regions in thermal resources. Among the many destinations that offer this type of tourism, the island of Ischia undoubtedly stands out.

The thermal waters of the island of Ischia are well known and used since ancient times and their history has its roots in classical mythology.

Ischia boasts, in fact, a hydrothermal heritage among the oldest in the world, with as many as 69 fumarolic groups and 29 mineral water basins. There are also 103 spring emergencies scattered throughout the approximately 42 square kilometers of the island territory.

This rich and unique heritage makes the island the ideal destination for those who want to regain psycho-physical well-being, immersing themselves in extraordinary waters and breathing healthy vapors.

Those visiting the island can choose relaxing and therapeutic treatments at equipped spas, surrounded by greenery and overlooking breathtaking views; alternatively, it is possible to take advantage of saunas and natural springs of thermal waters found in different parts of the island.

Ischia’s thermal and hyperthermal waters are mostly bicarbonate-alkaline, bicarbonate-calcium and salty-alkaline-sulphate. Hyperthermal waters are characterized by high temperatures, over 40°. The immense variety and richness of the thermal heritage allows differentiated baths according to individual needs. The waters can be used, in fact, for baths, showers, mud baths and inhalations and bring many benefits, including those to the skin, the osteoarticular system and the respiratory system.

A sea of ​​well-being, the Sail And Experience tour

The catamaran and sailboat cruise “Sea and Wellness” has the purpose of instilling relaxation, energy and health, thanks to the beneficial effect of the thermal waters.

The tour lasts five days and includes stops in Procida, Ischia, Capri, Sorrento.

In detail, the tour includes a visit to the island of Procida on the first day, with docking in the bay of Corricella and diving and swimming until sunset. Dinner in one of the island’s famous fish restaurants concludes the day in contact with the sea and nature.

On the second day, the tour offers the fundamental stop on the island of Ischia with its infinite sources of well-being.

On the third day we will sail to the bay of Marina Piccola in Capri.

The fourth day is the turn of Sorrento, and then concludes the navigation, the fifth day, in Castellammare di Stabia, with a visit to the ruins of Pompeii.

Wellness and relaxation are the leitmotif of the entire experience and find expression not only in the visit to Ischia, but also in the numerous and relaxing baths in the sea and in moments of quiet and relaxation to discover the most beautiful views.

With this tour promoted by Sail and Experience you can:

  • Live an experience that perfectly combines relaxation, well-being and sailing;
  • Stay aboard boats of maximum safety and excellent performance;
  • Visit some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Campania;
  • Count on the presence on board of an experienced skipper.

Book your “Sea and ​​Wellness” holiday starting in September 2022 and take advantage of the special 15% discount on booking!