What to see in Campania, discover the best destinations

What to see in Campania?

Blue waters, breathtaking views, stunning nature, cozy villages and an immense cultural and historic heritage. An unforgettable trip coasteering the South of Italy through the Mediterranean Sea pearls, sailing to and from the Gulf of Naples

It’s always very difficult to choose among the different things to do in Campania: music, food, nature, history and culture fill the treasure chest of this region. The perfect journey starts from the sea, to enjoy its intense colours, the coasts full of bays, inlets and rocky walls, the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Ischia and Procida, true masterpieces of nature. Campania is a region full of tourist attractions, rich in Mediterranean vegetation with villages full of history, art and traditions, where you can spend an unforgettable holiday: on the slopes of Vesuvius, gloomy and mysterious, Pozzuoli and the Campi Flegrei guard millenary spas and submerged cities. Naples, intense and passionate, dances in a mix of fine arts and popular traditions, sacred places and profane idols, joyful expressions and melancholy aspects.

The Sorrento and Amalfi coasts offer glimpses of paradise: jagged coasts that hide small beaches – inaccessible to the crowd – and terraces sloping down to the sea, used to cultivate citrus fruits, olive trees and vines. You’ll see them, or you’ll recognise the perfume they infuse the air of. Paestum – famous for the three best-preserved Greek temples in the world – is waiting for you too: from there, you can gently navigate along the coast of the thousand caves of the blue Cilento.