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Boat tour to Agropoli

Sailing to Agropoli (Italy) is one of the most evocative and captivating experiences that the Campania coast offers. Hoisting the sails
from the beautiful Gulf of Naples and heading towards the South is a route full of hidden wonder: the Amalfi Coast is a postcard that never ends.

During a sailing trip, you experience a very special perspective, totally different from whatever spot on the mainland. Towns such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Vietri Sul Mare will look like pieces of art sculpted in the rocks: they’ll instantly become some of your most precious travel memories.

Agropoli: the Castle 

Once you arrive at Agropoli, the first thing you see is its Castle. The town is divided into two: the flat part, with the port, and the upper part, where its Angevin-Aragonese castle is located, built on the 6th century Byzantine foundations, on a promontory overlooking the town (once an outpost to protect the population from a surprise attack by enemies).

Arriving by sailboat in Agropoli (Italy), the well-equipped port will catch your attention for sure. Just behind the port, there is a beautiful promenade and the main Agropoli beach. The marina offers all the necessary equipment for yachtsmen and medium-sized boats can also be moored. To the west of the modern tourist harbour there is another small promontory, on which the coastal tower of San Francesco stands next to the much-altered remains of the convent of the same name.

Agropoli is also a very welcoming town and from the port you can easily reach the many shops and restaurants in the centre. The centre can be reached with a short walk and from there you can reach the upper part of the Castle. Don’t miss it!

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