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Boat tour to Ponza

The best shape for a rock

A favourite destination of the Romans of the past, Ponza preserves a special place in the heart of nowadays Romans too. This island has a strange, elongated and jagged shape that gives it a very rocky feel (even if most of the islands are rocks, after all!). Its surface is about 10 square km, populated by 3,500 inhabitants. It maintains a small-town atmosphere during the whole year and even during the high tourist season the island has a relaxed, casual feel. Its unique shape allows you to take very beautiful walks, and if you arrive at the narrowest point of the island you can see both coastal sides.

Visiting Ponza on a sailboat is simply unique: travelling around its peculiar perimeter is a truly extraordinary experience. With its bays, cliffs and dozens of small and large islets, it is so beautiful that any description fails: you have to live the magic by yourself. A sailing holiday in Ponza is perfect for capturing all the most evocative aspects of the island.

Archaeological excavations, monuments and natural areas

So little, so full of interesting sites: Ponza is a tourist dream if you love history together with a relaxing sea experience. There are seven archaeological sites from the Ancient Rome era, with Villas and Necropolis. The Tunnel for “Chiaia di Luna”, from the Augustan period, dug into the tuff, connects Ponza Porto to the “Chiaia di Luna” beach.  “Chiaia di Luna” has been closed for a few years due to safety hazards, but visitors can still enjoy the beach from a distance (and that’s another reason for preferring a sailing boat vacation to visit Ponza). Among the monuments, there are also beautiful churches and the famous “Palazzo Tagliamonte”.

Ponza has the most wonderful sea and a spectacular cost; the port, a small landing place that materializes in front of the town, seems to come directly from a dimension suspended in time.

The ideal holiday

Ponza is a worthy vacation destination for travellers who want to experience summer inspired by the love of nature, of sea and tranquillity: you’ll enjoy the most beautiful days of summer among breathtaking landscapes. There’s a reason why it is known as “Capri without the tourists”!

Every year many foreign tourists discover this little jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea: from all over northern Europe they go down to the national ports to arrive on this always welcoming island. Are you the next?

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