Why this year you should combine hiking or biking with your sailing holiday

From the lockdown we all came out less “fit”: we got used to long periods of inactivity; we gave up public transport whenever possible; we suspended our gym membership. But we are also back “to freedom” with a great desire to go on vacation, to try new things. Some types of holidays, such as boating holidays, are particularly suitable for reducing health risks because you’ll avoid crowds and you’ll travel close only to friends or family who are travelling with you: many people who never experienced this type of holiday “tried their hand” at sailing already last summer, and we’re pretty sure that even in the coming summer months this wonderful way of experiencing the sea will be in the spotlight like never before.

Even if a simple sailing holiday – perhaps among Capri, Positano and other beauties of Campania costs – is a wonderful experience in itself, this year could be more beneficial than ever to integrate a bit of hiking and maybe some cycling in this kind of holiday.

Hiking and cycling are powerful activities for well-being. We sacrificed them in the last months and they remain the most beautiful way to visit tourist destinations on the mainland: they grant great autonomy in the choice of times and stopovers and – like the sailboat – they save you the hassles of traffic and parking!

In addition to sightseeing, in Campania there are some of the most evocative nature trails in the world: an example above all is the Path of the Gods, which connects Agerola to Positano through uncontaminated paths and panoramic terraces from which it is possible to admire the Faraglioni of the island of Capri, Punta Penna, the Li Galli island and the Lattari Mountains. Less known but very peculiar is the Walk of Love in Furore: a path that starts from the district of S. Elia in Furore, on the Amalfi Coast and proceeds for five hundred meters of altitude. In addition to the wonderful view, its name is due to the bronze statue of two lovers, which opens the way. Coming back on board after such an experience will be even more special.

One of the most magical aspects of a sailing holiday is the power it has to truly disconnect you from the daily routine. When you set foot ashore to visit a tourist destination, one way to continue this magic even when you are no longer on board is to use a bicycle. While in many historic cities of Campania there is still a lot to do to reach an urban dimension suitable for bikers, there are however many routes worthy of attention. Moreover, a visit by bike to the small seaside Italian villages is an experience that we would like to recommend to…anyone who knows how to use a bike!

Walking and cycling: two activities that are good for your health, that allow you to live a special tourist experience and that share the same philosophy with sailing holidays: to enjoy your free time in nature, respecting it, in a stress-free way that recharges with positive energy…useful all year around!